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US Investors:

Are You a Qualified Eligible Person

Before we are allowed to send you our information, regulation requires that we verify that you are a Qualified Eligible Person and Qualified Client. It will only take you a few minutes and all you need to do is fill out the form and someone from the team will contact you within an hour. Thank you for your understanding.

Offshore Investors:

Are You a:

(i) a regulated financial entity (this may include banks, stockbrokers, securities houses, investment managers, insurance companies, collective investment schemes, pension funds and financial intermediaries) which is regulated by its local country regulator;

(ii) an institutional investor or investment professional whose primary function is to operate in the financial markets involving regulated financial activity as defined by its local country regulator;

(iii) you are considered to be an accredited investor as defined by its local country regulator, If you do not satisfy any of the above criteria or you are unsure if you satisfy them, press outside the text box and do not proceed any further. If you do satisfy any of the above criteria, please fill in the form in order for us to send you the appropriate content.