Enhancing Portfolio Returns with Futures Carry Strategies

Enhancing Portfolio Returns With Futures Carry Strategies An Executive Summary for Investors and Investment Professionals Futures carry strategies can enhance portfolio returns while managing risk Understanding the nuances of carry is essential for effective strategy...

Portable alpha for all: Return stacked strategies for diversification without sacrifice

Diversification is the cornerstone of investing. This principle, fundamentally understood as not concentrating all resources into a single investment, inherently seeks to minimise risk while potentially smoothing out returns over the long term. By spreading...

Defying the Bear’s Grasp: The Emotional Journey of Achieving Managed Futures Prosperity

In this blog post, we will explore the historical trends and performance of managed futures strategies using the Tech Crisis of 2000 to March 13, 2003 as a case study, and why it may be relevant for the current macro environment. We will also delve deeper into the emotional challenges that investors face during these periods.

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