Prospect Theory, Bias, and Chalk:Our 2017 March Madness Wrap

Prospect Theory, Bias, and Chalk:
Our 2017 March Madness Wrap

Investing is different because we have the opportunity to apply strategies repeatedly over a long period of time.  While the outcome of any short-term investment sub-period may have characteristics of randomness, over many repetitions patterns emerge.  This …

ReSolve 2017 March Madness Bracket Challenge:Round 2 Update

ReSolve 2017 March Madness Bracket Challenge:
Round 2 Update

Because despite lacking any major early upsets, there are a handful of mid-seeded teams that made moves in the second round.  Specifically, Xavier, Wisconsin, and Michigan are all on high-point underdog runs, having disposed of #3 Florida State, #1 Villanova, and …

PSA : Your NCAA March Madness Rules are Garbage.Do This Instead.

PSA : Your NCAA March Madness Rules are Garbage.
Do This Instead.

On the heels of last year’s fun and successful March Madness Bracket Challenge (“WHERE SKILL PREVAILS!”), we are happy to invite any and all to 2017’s version.  Feel free to read the post for this year’s rules, but bear in mind this year’s pool is …

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:All Hail Our Champion!

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:
All Hail Our Champion!

With our inaugural March Madness Portfolio Challenge in the books, we’re going to cover three very important takeaways.Takeaway #1: I mean, it wasn’t even close…Yes, in this part we pay homage to our esteemed champion, who has earned the glory due …

March Madness Portfolio Challenge: Final Four Ranks

March Madness Portfolio Challenge: Final Four Ranks

Well, stick a fork in it: our March Madness Portfolio Challenge is done, before the Final Four games even tip off!  Laura B ran away with it, and nobody else can catch up, no matter what happens from here on out.  Everyone else is just fighting for the table scraps. So, enjoy the rest of the …