March Madness Portfolio Challenge:Elite 8 Leaderboard

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:
Elite 8 Leaderboard

Today, we just have a quick update on our March Madness Portfolio Challenge rankings.  Long story short: Laura B. still has a commanding grip on the field.  Her remaining teams are: Virginia (20%), Oklahoma (20%), Oregon (20%) and ‘Nova (20%), which …

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:Round 2 Leaderboard

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:
Round 2 Leaderboard

So, Round 2 is in the books, and my beloved Wisconsin Badgers are once again through to the Sweet 16. Oh, alright.  I guess I’ll update everyone on the leaderboard since all the second round games have passed.  But before I get to that, let’s quickly …

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:Round 1 Leaderboard

March Madness Portfolio Challenge:
Round 1 Leaderboard

While we’ll be adding more data as the tournament continues, our current version includes a few interesting things to pay attention to.  In addition to the score, we report on the portfolio weight remaining and the HHI index …

Register for our Completely UniqueMarch Madness Challenge

Register for our Completely Unique
March Madness Challenge

That said, as with all March Madness pools, there will be a certain amount of people who submit chalk brackets.  And while there exists no specific rule against these submissions, it’s a generally accepted principle that such submissions are the exclusive purview of cranks …

Why Skill Never Prevails in Your March Madness Pool:2015 Update

Why Skill Never Prevails in Your March Madness Pool:
2015 Update

This is an update to our article last year, contributed by David Gimpel and Matt Zerker, our resident NCAA fans.Last year on Gestaltu, we published an article about the various flaws of the conventional March Madness office pool.  It’s a fun piece, and …