“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.”
– Anne Morrow Lindbergh

You know it’s true: we are living through one of the great Ages of Uncertainty. Times like these demand a new approaching to investing.

Join us to learn:

  • Why traditional portfolios are more vulnerable today than they’ve been in a generation.
  • How a unique mix of simple, proven techniques can drastically improve the chances of investor success.
  • How revolutionary asset allocation methods can maximize returns, manage downside shocks, and provide positive returns even during periods like the bursting Tech and Housing Bubbles.

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What's Behind the Rise of Index Investing?

We’ve all heard indexing is getting big – but just how big?
And what are the unintended consequences for Investors and advisors?
The tectonic plates of investing are shifting so don’t miss out as Craig Lazzara, Managing Director and Global Head of Index Investment Strategy for S&P Dow Jones Indices provides a comprehensive framework to understand and profit from these changes in your portfolios AND your businesses!

Being Smart about Multi-asset Investing

In this ground-breaking CE approved webinar, Nathan Faber, VP of Investment Strategies at Newfound Research, describes a 4-step process investors can use to build their own diversified multi-asset strategy given their unique objectives and beliefs.

Thinking Differently About Diversification-A Factor Based Approach

In this presentation, prolific financial author Larry Swedroe, Director of Research for BAM Advisor Services, lays out a valuable roadmap through the daunting landscape of factor-based investing using tools discussed in his new book, Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing.

Global Stock Market Valuations & Outlook

For US stocks to meet their return expectations over the next 10 years, valuations must rise to the highest they’ve been in history.
What are the chances that this actually happens? And what does that mean for client portfolios? Listen Cambria Investments' Meb Faber for a look at market history, expected future returns, and ultimately, how valuation analysis can help you build a robust global portfolio.

Demystifying Risk Parity Through 90 years of History

Is Risk Parity insidiously sowing the seeds of the next 1987-style market collapse?
The financial media seems to think so, and they’re not shy about it.  Which got us thinking: what does history have to say about Risk Parity?  We invite you to set aside your opinions and join us as we examine of 90 years of Risk Parity history to separate fact from fiction.

Active Risks of Passive Portfolios

Many top minds in finance have shown that asset allocation is the primary determinant of long-term investment results. Others trumpet the virtues of passive management. Yet, many investors - and advisors - end up making unintended active bets in asset allocation—even when they think they’re investing passively. In this webinar we cover a logical framework for asset allocation that is consistent with the most basic principles of finance.

Risk Parity Antidote for Unbalanced Portfolios

The traditional 60/40 balanced portfolio is actually “unbalanced” because it is designed to flourish in a limited spectrum of economic environments characterized by growth, benign inflation, and abundant liquidity conditions. Risk parity portfolios address this imbalance. In this webinar we show how to achieve Strong Returns and Downside Protection over the difficult upcoming decade by applying a World Class Diversification Method called Risk Parity.

Adaptive Asset Allocation Dynamic Strategy

According to research from Morningstar and the Investment Company Institute, many unskilled investors are abandoning active stock selection in favor of active factor, sector, and asset allocation. In this environment, skilled investors have a greater opportunity to profit from active asset allocation than traditional security selection. In this webinar we provide an overview of active multi-asset “factor” strategies like Adaptive Asset Allocation.

This CE activity has been approved by FPSC® as meeting the minimum requirements for CE Approval as outlined within the FPSC Continuing Education Guidelines. The views and opinions expressed in this presentation are those of the presenter/content author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC).

Outsourced CIO: What You Need to Know

In this important webinar, experienced consultant Dave Cantor presents alongside plan sponsor Chris Brockmeyer to share leading edge insights on how OCIOs can play a valuable role in the management of institutional portfolios.

Managed Futures Trend Following: The Ultimate Diversifier

In this ground-breaking online presentation Dr. Kathryn Kaminski, global authority on managed futures strategies, covers the role of convergent and divergent strategies, and introduce other important themes

Asset Allocation: Fallacies, Challenges, and Solutions

During this webinar Mark Kritzman, CEO of Windham Capital Management discusses a collection of stubbornly persistent fallacies including the notion that asset allocation explains more than 90 percent of performance, that time diversifies risk, that optimization is hypersensitive to estimation error, and that factors provide greater diversification than assets.


Behind the Markets Podcast: Nick Chamie & Michael Philbrick

ReSolve’s president Mike Philbrick, had the pleasure of joining Jeremy Schwartz and Jeff Weniger on XM Radio

Money Tree Podcast: Adaptive Asset Allocation with Adam Butler

Adam Butler is CFA and CEO of ReSolve Asset Management. He co-wrote a book, Adaptive Asset Allocation, with Michael Philbrick and Rodrigo Gordillo.

Stacking Benjamins Podcast: “On Adaptive Asset Allocation”

How do you diversify correctly? Michael Philbrick has an idea of the good, bad and ugly of asset allocation.


Mike Philbrick, President of ReSolve Asset Management, takes viewer questions on exchange-traded funds on BNN.

Rodrigo Gordillo talks about the "The Impact of Inflation Markets" on BNN

Rodrigo’s interview starts at 40th min

The role global equity indices can play in diversification strategies.

S&P DJI’s Shaun Wurzbach and ReSolve’s CEO, Adam Butler, and President, Michael Philbrick.

ReSolve & S&P DJI’s Shaun Wurzbach

An in-depth discussion on Adaptive Asset Allocation and how prioritizing diversification and using systematic factors like momentum can inform portfolio construction decisions.

ReSolve at AAII Silicon Valley Chapter

Adam Butler and Rodrigo Gordillo had the opportunity to speak to the Silicon Valley Chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

Mike Philbrick appears on

"ETF Assembly Instructions Required"

Mike Philbrick appears on

“Canadian ETF Space: Many Parts but Few Instructions”

Innovative Trends in Global Diversification:

Adam Butler speaks at the June 2015 S&P Dow Jones Indices Toronto ETF Masterclass

Mike Philbrick, president of ReSolve Asset Management and sub-adviser to the Horizons Global Risk Parity ETF discusses "risk parity" strategy in ETFs.

Investors are often told that 60% stocks/40% bonds is a good mix for a balanced portfolio, but Mike Philbrick, President of ReSolve Asset Management isn't buying it.

ReSolve Asset Management Proposes Strategy to Challenge Warren Buffett’s Favorite Index Over Next 10 Years

Investors need real options that can produce the returns they need without relying on domestic stocks and bonds for the heavy lifting.

ReSolve Asset Management Expands CE Webinar Curriculum With 'Asset Allocation Thought Leaders' Series; Risk Parity on Deck

The course will examine 90 years of market history to highlight the stark differences between how Risk Parity actually works, versus how it is perceived to work.

ReSolve Asset Management and S&P Dow Jones Indices Debut Industry-Leading Risk Parity Index

With North American equity and bond valuations near all-time highs, and political risk on the rise everywhere, investors must seek returns from all available sources.

Investors Warned to Reconsider Concentrated North American Stock Portfolios in 2017: ReSolve Asset Management

Unfortunately, rather than diversifying, many investors attempt to overcome the problem posed by valuations via security selection (or stock-picking).

Advisors: Take Charge of Your Continuing Education With ReSolve Asset Management's CE Approved Video Masterclass

The Masterclass series was motivated by a flood of inquiries about the thinking behind ReSolve’s methodologies, with the ambitious goal of transforming the way advisors think about the all-important asset allocation decision.

Get Optimal Returns in All Market Conditions With Downside Protection: Announcing the ReSolve Online Advisor

For over five years, the team at ReSolve has challenged conventional investment practices by deploying globally-diversified portfolios that adapt in real-time to changes in market risk.

“Bold, Confident & Wrong: Why You Should Ignore Expert Forecasts”

Adam Butler, CFA, CAIA, Michael Philbrick, CIM®, AIFP® and Rodrigo Gordillo, CIM®, Partners, ReSolve Asset Management.

Six Leading Experts On How To Invest Right Now

David Berman speaks with a roundtable of six experts to help you find your way through the uncertainty ahead.

Go global to build the perfect portfolio

The ideal portfolio should hold all the world’s available investments in proportion to the degree they’re actually owned by real investors.

You may be doing it wrong: A tale of two diversification strategies

In order to achieve true diversification — which we define by the achievement of lower volatility — it is essential to diversify across asset classes

Behavioral Investing Gains Traction

Irrational reactions to the market chaos in recent years have led many investors get an old market truism backwards.