Pete Carroll Is Not the Fool, I Am

Abundant ink has been spilled on the subject of Pete Carroll’s decision to pass on 2nd down from the 1 yard line in the Super Bowl two Sundays ago. Some have come out and bombastically stated that it was the WORST CALL IN SUPER BOWL HISTORY!! Others have concluded that, in fact, Carroll was entirely justified in the decision he made.

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Finding a Competitive Edge, Part 1

In Saturday’s playoff game he rolled out a new strategy designed to confuse the Baltimore Ravens’ defense.  The details get tricky, but basically the NFL rules require that 7 players on offense must line up on the line of scrimmage. 

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How to Waste a Ton of Time on Unimportant Decisions, Part 1

I spent an hour this week trying to decide whether to start Brian Quick or Jay Cutler in my fantasy football league. If you don’t know who those players are, that’s fine because it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Quick was projected to score 12.38 points and Cutler was projected to score 12.41 points.

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Baseball Umpires are Biased…and You Are, Too.

We recently came across an article that was written about baseball umpires.  It turns out that baseball umpires are biased…and you are, too.  We love the intersection of sports, investing and general statistics, and this was no exception.  Here are some examples:

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