Continuing Education Webinar:

Thinking Differently About Diversification - A Factor Based Approach
Over 600 sources of excess returns have been identified in the financial literature, leading some prominent experts to describe the “smart beta” ecosystem as a “factor zoo”. In this presentation, prolific financial author Larry Swedroe, Director of Research for BAM Advisor Services, lays out a valuable roadmap through the daunting landscape of factor-based investing using tools discussed in his new book, Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing.

In Larry’s presentation you will learn:

  • Powerful new tools you can utilize to navigate the confusing “factor zoo” of “smart beta” products.
  • The specific checklist Advisors can use to identify the most promising and sustainable factor based products while avoiding the land mines.
  • Why factor-based strategies can boost portfolio performance while significantly reducing risk.
  • How exposure to the particularly exciting time-series momentum factor can significantly enhance portfolio outcomes in good markets – and bad.

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