Adaptive Asset Allocation - A Primer

Thank you for your interest in our whitepaper: Adaptive Asset Allocation: A Primer. With this 31-page paper, we hope to arm thoughtful Advisors, Consultants, and CIOs with a compelling case to commit greater resources to Global Tactical Asset Allocation strategies. With markets near cyclical peaks, there is no better time to think more globally about sources of risk and return.

Specifically, this wide-ranging report covers:

  • The stark reality that bonds can outperform stocks for decades at a time.
  • How negatively correlated assets can still create a positive wealth trajectory.
  • How asset allocation strategies shine, even after adjusting for risk-free returns and trade frictions.

We also update our original findings, including:

  • Why most portfolios are profoundly over-exposed to a single, concentrated source of risk.
  • How to balance risk across global asset classes for better long-term performance.
  • How to harness the single greatest inefficiency in global markets to boost returns.
  • How to integrate principles of risk management, diversification and trends to create adaptive portfolios that are resilient to hostile markets.

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