Adaptive Asset Allocation
A Dynamic Strategy for
Good Times and Bad

According to research from Morningstar and the Investment Company Institute, many unskilled investors are abandoning active stock selection in favor of active factor, sector, and asset allocation. But these investors are making the same mistakes in a different domain. In this environment, skilled investors have a greater opportunity to profit from active asset allocation than traditional security selection.

This prompts these questions: What methods are most effective at sorting winners from losers across asset classes? Are the observable effects of factors such as value and momentum even stronger across asset classes than at the individual security level? If so, what is the best way to harness these multi-asset factor strategies while maximizing diversification to minimize portfolio risk?

In this final session, we will provide an overview of active multi-asset “factor” strategies like Adaptive Asset Allocation. In particular, you will learn:

  • How the proliferation of ETF’s has empowered advisors to achieve a new and powerful source of alpha.
  • How multi-asset ‘smart beta’ (as opposed to individual equity ‘smart beta’) strategies are uniquely positioned to thrive in this environment, and;
  • How you can combine proven rules with methods adopted from Modern Portfolio Theory to create dynamic global portfolios that can prosper in good times and bad.

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