The Importance of Asset Allocation
vs Security Selection

It’s crazy but true – you probably spend almost all your time and effort on activities that really don’t matter to your investment results.
Stop now and read this.

In this Executive Primer, you will learn:

  • Why investment results depend mostly on the market you choose, not the selection of securities within that market.
  • How the worst stock-pickers in a hot market outperform the best stock-pickers in a cold market.
  • How Advisors and Individuals alike should think about portfolios, especially the potential benefits of “strategy diversification.”
  • Why asset allocation probably represents the greatest opportunity for differentiated long-term performance.

The next generation of investment management will harness new innovations like Exchange Traded Funds to focus on what matters most in the investment process: asset allocation. Get this paper now to see why you need to shift your focus today – or risk getting left behind.