Being Smart about
Multi-asset Investing

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson famously said that markets are efficient at the level of individual stocks, but that they exhibit “considerable macro inefficiency, in the sense of long waves in the time series of aggregate indexes of security prices below and above various definitions of fundamental values.”

In other words, the greatest opportunities for active managers lie in the realm of asset allocation, not stock-picking.

Multi-asset strategies offer risk management, diversification, and return-seeking opportunities that most investors neglect, and which simply cannot be achieved from stock-picking.

In this ground-breaking webinar, Nathan Faber, VP of Investment Strategies at Newfound Research, will describe a 4-step process investors can use to build their own diversified multi-asset strategy given their unique objectives and beliefs. Specifically, investors will learn:

  • What current valuations and yields imply for expected returns on traditional portfolios
  • Why institutions and family offices are flocking to multi-asset strategies to close their funding gaps
  • The surprising truth about the relationship between rising rates and bond returns
  • New approaches and asset classes with the potential to diversify sources of return and significantly improve client outcomes
  • 7 key takeaways to give you the unique tools to address today’s fundamental market challenges

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