Risk Parity Solution Brief

Thank you for your interest in our Risk Parity Solution Brief. With this 12-page research summary, we hope to arm thoughtful Advisors, Consultants, and CIOs with a compelling case to commit greater resources to Risk Parity strategies, with the goal of improving long-term portfolio outcomes.

Traditional portfolios come in a variety of shapes and sizes (such as the domestic 60/40 stock/bond allocation), though they have two defining deficiencies:

  • They do not capitalize on the full promise of diversification; and,
  • They do not manage risk in response to changing economic and market conditions.

Risk Parity masterfully addresses both of these concerns. Among other topics we cover the following:

  • The dangers of equating capital allocation and risk allocation in portfolios.
  • The importance of structural diversification in creating a risk management foundation.
  • The downside protections afforded by volatility and correlation management.
  • The dramatic positive impact that dynamic estimates and factor overlays can have on traditional risk parity strategies.

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