When asked how their partnership began, Adam, Mike and Rodrigo will typically recall a Christmas party almost a decade ago, followed by: “In a room full of horses, you can easily spot who the zebras are.”

Recorded early in the year – before the pandemic – this incredibly insightful conversation captures the ethos of ReSolve Asset Management and covers the following concepts, among others:

  • The evolution of ReSolve’s enterprise alpha
  • Performance alpha as a constant process of innovation as opposed to a destination – staying ahead, but not too far
  • The evolution from trend and momentum to other edges in order to deliver more stable results
  • Ensembles, optimization, and other portfolio construction techniques
  • How to think about the competitive landscape of markets
  • When to publish ideas and when to hold them closer to your chest
  • Accessing a diverse and complementary talent pool as the research team expands

Jeff Malec does an incredible job of pulling the best from each partner. The ensuing discussion covers a lot of ground and touches on concepts that have never before seen the light of day.

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