Growing up in Peru, experiencing over 7000% inflation and watching family fortunes evaporate virtually overnight were some of the unique experiences in Rodrigo’s early life. This drove him to shun the pervasive home-country bias and think globally early on in his investment career.

In an interview with Jonathan Kruger and Mark Ralfs on the Living a Richer Life by Design podcast, Rodrigo Gordillo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ReSolve Asset Management recounts his formative experiences and how they led him to the framework that we now call Adaptive Asset Allocation.

During this episode you’ll hear:

  • How growing up in Peru and migrating to Canada in the late 80s was a formative period in his life as it pertains to his career choice
  • How this impacted how he chose to look at the investment problem
  • His approach to risk management that goes beyond being global and focusing on momentum
  • The types of portfolios likely to produce positive results for investors during this stretch in the current equity market
  • Why so many investment advisors still hold tightly to the traditional methods and trends
  • Potential impacts that investors who are moving from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of their lives experience