Gestalt University Podcasts

Welcome to Gestalt University, hosted by the team at ReSolve Global*, where evidence inspires confidence.

These podcasts will dig deep to uncover investment truths and life hacks you won’t find in the mainstream media, covering topics that appeal to left-brained robots, right-brained poets and everyone in between. In this show we interview deep thinkers in the world of quantitative finance such as Larry Swedroe, Meb Faber and many more, all with the goal of helping you reach excellence. Welcome to the journey.

ReSolve Riffs with Bill Fleckenstein: Do All Roads Lead to Inflation?

January 31, 2021
To discuss this inflationary macro backdrop we welcomed Bill Fleckenstein (President of Fleckenstein Capital & co-host of the End Game podcast series) to the show. A former dedicated short seller, this episode was particularly timely in the wake of the historic short squeezes that took place this week and the ripple effects across markets.

Speaking Strategies in Spanish – Rodrigo Gordillo interviewed by Ignacio Villalonga on Rebalancing, Diversification and More

January 26, 2021
In this episode, Rodrigo Gordillo had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ignacio Villalonga from Zona Quant. Rodrigo fielded a series of questions sourced from the Spanish speaking FinTwit community that covered everything from proper global diversification and how to minimize data mining, to the benefits of the Rebalancing Premium, and much more.

ReSolve Riffs with Patrick Ceresna – Making the Big Picture Work for You

January 25, 2021
This week we riffed with Patrick Ceresna of Big Picture Trading, fellow podcaster and co-host of the popular shows Macro Voices and The Market Huddle. His trading framework combines a seasoned, top-down macroeconomic perspective with deep knowledge of technical analysis and prolific use of options to express his market views.

ReSolve Riffs with Harley Bassman, the Convexity Maven

January 18, 2021
Convexity is one of those concepts that even if you understand it, explaining it to someone can still be hard, especially for a layperson. We had the pleasure of hosting Harley Bassman, creator of the popular MOVE Index, for a wide ranging and truly entertaining conversation.

ReSolve Riffs with Alex Chalekian on What It Takes to Build a World-class Wealth Management Business

January 12, 2021
Gone are the days where a pasteurized, assembly-line approach with catchy branding is enough for a thriving enterprise. In the digital age, investors – like everyone else – want authenticity. They seek a personal touch. They yearn for a real connection. Alex Chalekian (founder and CEO of Lake Avenue Financial) lives by these principles.