Gestalt University Podcasts

Welcome to Gestalt University, hosted by the team at ReSolve Global*, where evidence inspires confidence.

These podcasts will dig deep to uncover investment truths and life hacks you won’t find in the mainstream media, covering topics that appeal to left-brained robots, right-brained poets and everyone in between. In this show we interview deep thinkers in the world of quantitative finance such as Larry Swedroe, Meb Faber and many more, all with the goal of helping you reach excellence. Welcome to the journey.

GestaltU with Logan Mohtashani on the “Savagely Unhealthy Housing Market”

July 28, 2022
Logan is one of the foremost experts on the state and health of the U.S. housing market. In his capacity as Lead Analyst for HousingWire, he invokes a comprehensive data-driven framework for understanding the fundamental drivers of housing supply and demand.

GestaltU with Demetri Kofinas on the Politics of MMT, Societal Objectives, & Institutional Trust

July 21, 2022
The conversation was motivated by Demetri’s tweets about MMT and fiscal policy, which stirred up quite a conflagration, and involved several primary exponents of MMT including Warren Mosler and Rohan Gray. Adam and Demetri spent the first 35 or 40 minutes on MMT, mostly overcoming the frustration around the politicization of the concept.

ReSolve Riffs with Mutineer Jason Buck on All Weather and Cockroach Portfolios for the Long Run

June 29, 2022
This week we welcomed back our good friend Jason Buck (founder and CIO of Mutiny Fund) for the final episode before the summer break. Our conversation included ...

ReSolve Riffs with Jeff Snider & Emil Kalinowski of Eurodollar University on Inflationary Market Signals

June 21, 2022
This week we had the pleasure of welcoming Jeff Snider (Head of Global Investment Research at Alhambra Investments) and Emil Kalinowski (enterprising investor, author and host of both a talk radio show and a podcast). Together, they co-host Eurodollar University podcast and shed light on the complexities of the global monetary system.

ReSolve Riffs with Cem Karsan on Options Alpha and a Shifting Macro Landscape

June 15, 2022
We had the pleasure this week of speaking with Cem Karsan (the pronunciation can be a bit challenging, bit the hint is in his Twitter handle - @jam_croissant), founder of Kai Volatility Advisors.