Gestalt University Podcasts

Welcome to Gestalt University, hosted by the team at ReSolve Global*, where evidence inspires confidence.

These podcasts will dig deep to uncover investment truths and life hacks you won’t find in the mainstream media, covering topics that appeal to left-brained robots, right-brained poets and everyone in between. In this show we interview deep thinkers in the world of quantitative finance such as Larry Swedroe, Meb Faber and many more, all with the goal of helping you reach excellence. Welcome to the journey.

Living a Richer Life By Design

February 12, 2019
In an interview with Jonathan Kruger and Mark Ralfs on the Living a Richer Life by Design podcast, Rodrigo Gordillo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ReSolve Asset Management recounts his formative experiences and how they led him to the framework that we now call Adaptive Asset Allocation.

ReSolve 12 Days of Investment Wisdom

January 25, 2019
Welcome to ReSolve Asset Management’s 12 days of investment wisdom. From universe selection to portfolio construction, our aim is to offer you a comprehensive framework for a more thoughtful investment approach, to benefit yourself and your clients.

Day 12 Putting 11 days of Wisdom to work through a Multi-Asset Momentum Case Study

December 20, 2018
This episode comes full circle by integrating all of the concepts described thus far: Asset Allocation, Risk Balance, Ensemble Methods, Portfolio Optimization and Factor investing, using multi-asset momentum as a case study for this integration.

Day 11 – How to Juice as Much Value as Possible from Trend Following – The Cheapest Factor Out There Today !

December 20, 2018
In our second-to-last episode, ReSolve’s newest partner Jason Russell is joining us to share his wisdom on one of the most misunderstood strategies out there. These ensemble methods truly maximize the ability to harvest the trend (and any other) premium and add a significant Sharpe ‘bonus’ to portfolios.

Day 10 – How Thoughtful Portfolio Optimization Techniques can be a Total Game Changer for Portfolio Results

December 20, 2018
In this episode the guys discuss ReSolve’s portfolio optimization article series and describe why appropriate portfolio optimization can act as a powerful force-multiplier on long-term performance.