We Published a Shiny, New Book on Adaptive Asset Allocation!

Check this out:

Adaptive Asset Allocation Book

When we initially launched SkewU, we did so with a pretty simple set of guidelines: keep things short and sweet, write in English, post more frequently and write things that are quirky and off-topic.  Basically, we wanted a place to do the exact opposite of what we were accustomed to on GestaltU.  If GestaltU is supposed to be a science lab, SkewU is supposed to be a playground.

With that fully in mind, today we bring you a crazy Shymalanian twist: you need to read our recently published book Adaptive Asset Allocation: Dynamic Global Portfolios to Profit in Good Times – and Bad.  Yes, it’s 40,000 words of investment philosophy, research and insights…basically everything SkewU is not.  But in our defense, we distilled the best concepts from the hundreds of thousands of words we’ve written since 2008.  It’s a minor miracle in and of itself that we were able to jam all that wisdom into 200 measly pages!

And not for nothing, but the timing of this book couldn’t be better.  Consider the following commentary:

It’s time to pick your poison.  Is it going to be self-defeating behavioral biases?  Sky-high valuations?  Rising volatility?  Low turnover portfolios falsely masquerading as “passive?”  An unfortunate sequence of returns?  What overlooked, under-appreciated risk is going to ruin your best-laid retirement plans?

We bet there’s something lingering in the background that you’ve yet to consider…and now is the time.  Adaptive Asset Allocation: Dynamic Global Portfolios to Profit in Good Times – and Bad shines a light on all these risks, and provides a path to navigate this historically treacherous economy.

Further, consider some of the early praise for Adaptive Asset Allocation:

“The ReSolve crew at their best…Those enlightened advisors who understand the power of active asset allocation and risk management should read this book.”
     —Mebane Faber, Author of The Ivy Portfolio and Global Asset Allocation

“This book is relevant and recommended for investors who wish to learn more about harvesting factor premia.”
    —Jason Hsu, PhD, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, Research Affiliates

“This book is dense with novel insights…earning it a prominent place on my own financial bookshelf.”
    —Doug Short, PhD, Advisor Perspectives

“Adaptive Asset Allocation merges empirical analysis and common sense to illustrate fundamental lessons in financial markets. The book has something for everyone: from retail investors to financial professionals. Read it!”
    —Wesley R. Gray, PhD, Alpha Architect

This book was roughly two years in the making, and if we could be serious for one moment, our highest hope is that you find it a valuable resource on your financial journey.  You can find it on Amazon, and at other leading book stores.