Report: Are We Near the End of the Diversification Pain Train?

The experience of the past decade has led investors to conclude that international investing is a mug’s game, diversification is dead, and they should throw all their savings into US stocks.

We believe these conclusions are dead wrong.

In our newest report “Cyclical Measures May Signal Swan Song for US Equities,” we explore the current characteristics of North American stocks relative to both history and other global markets, to uncover the truth about where we stand in this market cycle.  We cover:

  • The psychological influences driving investors towards historical winners, and why it’s often a bad idea to follow the crowd.
  • The specific metrics that point directly towards US equity exhaustion.
  • Why current levels of North American equity dominance are so rare, and what to expect when things reverse.

The evidence strongly suggests that we’re much closer to the end of North American market dominance than the beginning.

This prompts the question: which asset classes are poised to lead when U.S. equities fade?

Learn about a proven way to position portfolios to profit from the coming reversal of fortune by downloading this FREE report.