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Welcome to Gestalt University, hosted by the team at ReSolve Global*, where evidence inspires confidence.

These podcasts will dig deep to uncover investment truths and life hacks you won’t find in the mainstream media, covering topics that appeal to left-brained robots, right-brained poets and everyone in between. In this show we interview deep thinkers in the world of quantitative finance such as Larry Swedroe, Meb Faber and many more, all with the goal of helping you reach excellence. Welcome to the journey.

Meb Faber: The Road Less Traveled

Our favorite part of the conversation was when Meb described how his thinking had changed over time. Consistent with many of the most thoughtful professionals we’ve chatted with over the years, most of Meb’s lessons relate more to how investors behave in markets rather than the nature of markets themselves. He provides some great illustrations.

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Larry Swedroe: Factors for the Long Run

In this episode, ReSolve’s CIO Adam Butler and Larry discuss the pitfalls of single factor strategies because they often load negatively on other premia. Larry shares his story of discussing how to introduce momentum into the DFA value oriented portfolios.

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Mark Kritzman: The Case for Optimal Portfolios

This conversation between ReSolve’s CIO Adam Butler and Mark is loosely guided by core themes from Mark’s newest book, “A Practitioner’s Guide to Asset Allocation”. Mark describes why he embraces Samuelson’s Dictum and how this has motivated his focus on asset allocation as the most fertile ground for active returns.

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Rob Carver: Uncertainty Principles

Traders will connect with Rob’s story of experiencing a large and unexpected loss (is there another kind?) that led him to question whether his models were in sync with the current market environment.

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