ReSolve's Riffs

ReSolve Riffs on Lifting and Low Risk Investing with FinTwits Lawrence Hamtil

April 26, 2021
This week we were joined by Lawrence Hamtil, founder and principal at Fortune Financial Advisors, author of their popular blog, as well as an active member of the FinTwit community. His power lifting hobby and contrarian nature permeate his writing and investment philosophy, which made for a great conversation.

ReSolve Riffs with Rob Carver on Smart Portfolios and the Evolution of Systematic Trading

April 19, 2021
A systematic response to dynamic scenarios, removing one’s emotions from the equation, has been the standard approach in the military for millennia. In the world of investing, rules-based methodologies remain a contentious topic, even though a majority of the most successful asset managers are quants. Rob Carver (Independent Systematic Researcher and Author) knew early on that his investment career could only take the ‘systematic path’.

ReSolve Riffs with Ted Seides on Capital Allocators

April 13, 2021
Our guest this week was none other than Ted Seides, host of the popular Capital Allocators podcast. After almost 200 podcast episodes and a recently released book – Capital Allocators, How the world’s elite money managers lead and invest – it’s hard to overstate the breadth and depth of Ted’s institutional “inside baseball”.

ReSolve Riffs with Breaking The Market on Ergodicity Economics and Geometric Rebalancing

March 30, 2021
“Drink once every time someone says "rebalancing", twice for "geometric", thrice for "ergodicity". Leverage these amounts by 2.7x for the full Kelly experience”. This was the opening salvo from our guest, the once anonymous author of the popular Breaking the Market Blog, now revealed as Matt Hollerbach (founder of Pronghorn Analytics).

ReSolve Riffs On the Crypto Melting Pot & Energy Consumption with Greg Foss and Magdalena Gronowska

March 23, 2021
Our guests for this episode were Greg Foss and Magdalena Gronowska, early adopters of Bitcoin and part of the team that launched the very first Canadian crypto ETF on the Toronto Stock Exchange.