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ReSolve Riffs with Brian Moriarty – With Yields So Low, Where Do You Go?

Brian is the Associate Director, Fixed-Income Strategies, Manager Research at Morningstar so we focused on the fixed income sleeve of portfolios. Specifically, we wanted to know how investors can generate the returns they need in a near-zirp world. Brian offered great color on the flawed construction of credit indices, and why this opens the door for outperformance by active credit managers.

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ReSolve Riffs with Logica’s Wayne Himelsein on “Skew Baby”

he year that saw the fastest decline, followed by the steepest recovery in market history has left one topic top of mind for most investors – volatility. Though down from its eye-watering spike in the first quarter, the VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) has remained significantly higher than in previous years, and not without good reason.

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ReSolve Riffs on Maximizing the Rebalancing Premium

Readers of our research (as well as any student of history) will know that stocks and bonds can go through prolonged periods of synchronized underperformance, while Risk Parity can navigate virtually any form of inflationary or growth shock. But when executed properly, with periodic rebalancing, Risk Parity can benefit from a substantial tailwind, as we showed in our recent paper – Maximizing the Rebalancing Premium.

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