ReSolve's Riffs

ReSolve Riffs with Perth Tolle on Investing with the Courage of Moral Conviction

November 8, 2021
Perth Tolle is the founder of Life + Liberty Indexes, an index provider and sponsor of the Freedom 100 Emerging Markets ETF – a first of its kind strategy that uses personal and economic freedom metrics as primary factors in its investment process. She joined us for a great conversation that included ...

ReSolve Riffs with Jon Aikman of ReSolution Investments on ESG and Inflation Hedging in Private Credit

November 1, 2021
This week we had the pleasure of hosting our friend Jon Aikman, President and CIO of ReSolution Investments, for a broad conversation on the three-lettered acronym that has taken the investment world by storm in the last few years: ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance.

ReSolve Riffs with Tom Morgan on Presence, Synthesis, and Giving the Master Its Due

October 27, 2021
Tom, Richard, Mike and Adam wandered into a wide range of topics, but the central theme orbited around humanity’s universal craving for meaning and connection in the vacuum created by the post-modernist Western focus on empirical rationalism.

ReSolve Riffs with Wes Gray and Patrick Cleary at Alpha Architect about Launching a Bitcoin Futures ETF

October 19, 2021
Wes, Patrick and the Alpha Architect Team are long-time friends of ReSolve, and were gracious enough to join us last-minute to discuss their huge win in the ETF white label space, with the launch of the ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF. Wes and Patrick give us the straight goods on what it takes to launch a successful ETF ...

ReSolve Riffs on Return Stacking with Corey and Rodrigo – “Ask-Me-Anything”

October 13, 2021
Our recently released paper – Return Stacking: Strategies for Overcoming a Low Return Environment – co-authored by Rodrigo and our good friend Corey Hoffstein, shows how investors may materially improve their chances of success by allocating to uncorrelated managers that may offer more ‘bang for your buck’ and free up valuable ‘portfolio real-estate’.