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This Craftsmanship Perspective Is About Identifying The Difference Between Complex Versus Robust
October 24, 2019
In this Meb Faber Podcast episode, Meb starts the conversation with a walk through Rodrigo Gordillo’s, Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Portfolio Manager of ReSolve Asset Management, background and his experience growing up in Peru.
Adam Butler – Adaptive Assets, The Philosophy of Robust Quant
August 2, 2019
In this episode of The Acquirer’s Podcast, Tobias Carlisle chats with Adam Butler, CIO of ReSolve Asset Management. In this podcast Adam provided some great insights.
Mike Philbrick – Diversification: What Most Novice Investors Miss About Trend Following
July 16, 2019
This year, Meb Faber is bringing you the entire volume of The Best Investment Writing Volume 3 in podcast format. You’ll hear from some of the most respected money managers and investment researchers all over the world.
Living a Richer Life By Design
February 12, 2019
In an interview with Jonathan Kruger and Mark Ralfs on the Living a Richer Life by Design podcast, Rodrigo Gordillo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of ReSolve Asset Management recounts his formative experiences and how they led him to the framework that we now call Adaptive Asset Allocation.
The “Ultimate Gift” | Flirting with Models
November 25, 2018
ReSolve’s CIO Adam Butler goes all the way down the rabbit hole with fellow quant and consummate host Corey Hoffstein of Newfound Research on hard lessons, the power of narrative, and robust portfolio optimization.