Return Stacked® 60/40:
Absolute Return Index


The Return Stacked® 60/40: Absolute Return Index aims to provide exposure to a U.S. 60% equity, 40% bond allocation while “stacking” diversifying alternative exposures, including tail protection, on top. Stacking is achieved by allocating to a custom basket of widely available Mutual Funds and ETFs, which embed a variety of capital efficient exposures to equities, bonds and alternative strategies.

The Index is designed to preserve exposure to core stock and bond allocations, while bolstering expected risk-adjusted returns with non-correlated return streams like trend following, global macro, and tail-hedging strategies.

The Index targets a volatility and drawdown profile similar to a U.S.  balanced portfolio. Of course, there is no guarantee that the Index will meet this objective.

For information about the constituent funds and underlying exposures, please refer to the Index Methodology and Return Stacking paper, respectively.

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Index Methodology
Return Stacking: Strategies for Overcoming a Low Return Environment

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