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Asset Allocation: An Institutional Perspective

The Portfolio Optimization Machine: How to Boost Performance Through Better Portfolio Construction

Thoughtful portfolio construction can boost performance by 50% or more.

Yet most investors eschew optimal diversification because they’ve been led to believe it’s too hard. Which means most investors – even those who espouse a so-called “passive” approach – are invested in profoundly sub-optimal portfolios that will probably not deliver the best outcomes.

In this exclusive webinar, ReSolve CIO Adam Butler will present a stepwise framework for investors to choose the most optimal way to form portfolios, as a direct expression of their beliefs and assumptions.

In particular, you will come to understand:

  • The most effective methods to form robust optimal portfolios without explicit return assumptions
  • How to use our Portfolio Optimization Decision Tree to choose the most appropriate optimization for any portfolio objective
  • Why strong and persistent historical relationships between risk and return for global equities and asset classes imply strong implications for optimal portfolio choice
  • Why the right optimization applied to diverse investments can produce a 50% force multiplier on expected investment performance

This webinar is aimed directly at investors and practitioners who want to maximize their chances of producing optimal investment results. We are confident that investors who follow the Portfolio Optimization Machine framework will produce better performance, regardless of fundamental investment beliefs.

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Adam Butler, CFA, CAIA

Chief Investment Officer, ReSolve Asset Management

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019
@ 2:00 PM EST








Adam Butler, CFA, CAIA

CIO, ReSolve Asset Management

Adam has 13 years of experience in investment management, including 7 years as a Portfolio Manager, and holds both CFA and CAIA charters. He is primarily responsible for research efforts related to the management of investment portfolios. He is the lead author on several public research whitepapers. Adam worked as a Portfolio Manager at Richardson GMP and Macquarie Private Wealth and as an Investment Advisor at BMO Nesbitt Burns. Subsequently, Adam, along with his partners, Mike and Rodrigo, continued to evolve their quantitatively focused investment methodology as a Portfolio Manager at Dundee Goodman Private wealth before launching ReSolve Asset Management. Adam’s work is published on ReSolve’s research blog, GestaltU.