We “Rang the Bell” to Open the Toronto Stock Exchange

On the heels of launching North America’s first Risk Parity ETF, we were invited to open the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday, August 17.

The Horizons Global Risk Parity Fund (ticker: HRA) – which ReSolve Asset Management subadvises – is an actively managed ETF strategy designed to keep risk levels balanced across the asset classes it invests in, regardless of market conditions.

HRA uses a portfolio allocation strategy known as Risk Parity. The approach seeks to ensure each asset class in the portfolio contributes balanced amounts of risk in order to reach the optimal level of diversification. This approach also seeks to ensure that investors can generate returns from a diverse basket of global asset classes, which have the opportunity to thrive under a variety of economic conditions.

To learn more, please visit our Risk Parity Education Portal or download our Risk Parity Solution Bief.